• From First Notice to Final Resolution

    Driving your claim’s investigation forward

    From 'First Notice' to Final Resolution

  • Seafacs Information & Research Text Cloud

    Seafacs Undertakes

    Worldwide investigations into the sound market value of commodities, products, items and services.

  • Choose your Expert Carefully and get the best results

    Finding the best Expert

    ...can be the difference between winning or losing in any dispute. Seafacs assists in finding marine and non marine experts worldwide. Whether you are looking for someone to advise on cause of loss or damage; end use impact; salvage or recovery.

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Seafacs is an information service for marine claim’s handlers. Seafacs is a service designed by and for marine claims people, to drive claim’s investigation forward from ‘first notice’ to final resolution.

We can help:

  • find the market price of any commodity or cargo being shipped by sea
  • locate experts, surveyors, consultants, traders, brokers, importers and exporters
  • uncover important commercial business intelligence
  • access the latest technical information